.zeynep dilara

Zeynep Dilara

As a filmmaker, she has been using her own cameras and motion contol equipments, writing for scripts and narations, editing for rough-cuts and fine-cuts since 2014.

For many years, she prepared films for many social responsibility projects but especially for the projects that fought breast cancer.

She made her first short film in 2018 to promote the play “The Supliants Women / Yakaranlar” .

Her last job was for National Geographic. A documentary film about climate change and water shortage in Turkey. She was responsible for the factual segments of the documentary. The name of film is 25 Liters. And now, she's working on three different documentary projects called Eva, The Truth, and How to Move.

She has been directing an educational project that named “Yazabilirsin” on web and youtube since 2017.