.ragıp ergün

Director: Ragıp Ergün

Born in 1984 in Erzurum, Ragıp Ergun discovered his passion to art with an award he won in a painting contest at the age of 10. He spent his formative years devoted to painting. Over the years, his passion to art evolved and he started expressing himself through video art projects. After graduating from college, he went to US and expanded his network in indipendent film world.
In Turkey, he collaborated with many fashion designers and corparate brands and made commmercials. Known for his dynamic camera moves and unconventional cinematography, Ergun created a unique style with the aesthetic he acquired through his experience in music and fashion industry.
His curiosity to cinema puts the storytelling in spotlight in the commercials he made. Nike, Absolut, Mini cooper, Tuborg, Swatch, and Levi’s are among the global brands he made commercials. As a firm believer of collective spirit. Ragıp Ergün founded IgnoreZone, a collective that harbors young and rebellious directors.
In addition to directing, he often undertook the roles of cinematography, art design, screenwriting, editing and sound design.
His debut project is supported by the Turkish Culture Minister in 2020.