.jonas arnby


Jonas Alexander Arnby was born in 1974, studied at the Danish School of still-photography before he starts studying directing in London and Denmark. After his graduation he taught at the film assistant education and managed directing workshops at the National Danish Film School. Jonas worked also for Lars von Trier during the production of “Breaking the waves” and “Dancer in the Dark”, in the production- and art-department. Since 1999 he makes direction for a lot of price winning commercials and short films. For example he won the 1st prize at the Don Quishote Award 2005 and the 2nd prize best European short film 2005 in Portugal for his Project “The Man who was a shoe – among other things”.

As a commercial director he worked for: Ruffles, Rocco, Carlsberg, McDonald’s, Tele 2, Oxford, Ministry of Integration, Danbolig, TDC-Mobile. Children’s Cancer Fund, Armee De Terre, Danica, Unilever, Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie. He's works as an exclusive director in Turkey for DEPOfilm.