.eric hillenbrand

Eric Hillenbrand

Eric has been attached to visual work ever since. Before he started his international directing career in 2004, he has been working as an editor and compositing artist on music videos, commercials, documentary features and fictional formats.
From 1999-2004 he studied film directing at renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Eric ́s diploma work for PlayStation was very well received internationally and won several awards, including the young directors award at the Cannes Lions advertising festival.
Ever since his auspicious start being selected for the Saatchi ́s New Directors Showcase in 2005, Eric has been gaining a growing reputation as an exciting and distinct talent in the world of commercials. From his globe- hopping snappers in his Canon Spot to the body-swapping enigma of his New Yorker ad, Eric ́s works exhibits an intriguing blend of surreal drama.
However, his body of work goes beyond the boundaries of filmmaking and includes his appearance as DJ and his own podcast series „Tales From The Woods“, as well as the curation of music and art events and work as an interdisciplinary visual artist.
Eric is born in 1977 in Ellwangen and is based it Berlin since 2002.