.elif demiralp

Elif Demiralp

Elif was born in 1991 in Ankara.She finished Ted Ankara Collage and then Başkent University. Her imagination was always different. Most of the time,she was getting inspired by the dreams she see at the night, and drawing was like the door of her dreams being opened. She decided to study Interior Architecture at university, and she graduated from that department which she loved so much in the third place. Interior architecture should have been something more than technic, it should be art, and she should be in that art .Day by day, photography became a passion of her. she learned all the lighting setups and shooting techniques by herself.She made two fashion photography exhibitions and in this period,she finished Nick Knight’s mastered programme.She made many photoshoots for the celebrities, magazines and brands in Turkey, and she still do. In this period, she got an offer from a university for being a lecturer. For two years, she have given lectures to fashion design students on “fashion photography.

Her priority has always been bringing the brand together with her imagination and making the brand more creative and flashier.With the discipline that interior architecture brought, she has always created detailed moods and storyboards in the meetings before the works. Most of the time, she has drawn sketches. With thisworking discipline and her creativeness, she has always been different.