.jan boon

jan Boon

Jan Boon was born in Belgium as the son of screenplay writer Jacques Boon in August 1980. As a teenager he developed himself as a documentary photographer documenting different communities such as hooligans and rock-bands. At the age of 17 Jan got a degree at the Academy of Arts in Anderlecht specializing in quick sketching, lithography and photography.

In 1998 Jan consequently studied at the two major film schools in Brussels: RITS and NARAFI. Jan has a true passion for storytelling and also graduated from the Flemish Script Academy, majoring in screenplay writing.

From 2004 till 2006 Jan stated directing music video┬╣s for a variety of Belgian artists. His passion also took him to the stage, as he wrote different musical plays together with producer Liesbeth Vereertbrugghen.