Matteo Bonifazio


Matteo was born in Italy to an Italian father and an American mother. Because of his father’s work he traveled a lot during his childhood years, living in different countries. He graduated at the Architecture University in Genoa and started collaborating with MTV Networks, shooting pan-European promotions and ads in London and Milan.

This experience has given him the opportunity to shape and develop his very personal and unique direction. His eclectic and dynamic style shows that he has his pulse strongly rooted in the youth generation of today: party people, skaters, hip hop, break beat, body poppers and fun times - it’s all on his reel.

Matteo directed commercials for different prestigious clients such as : SONY, REEBOK, REPLAY, VODAFONE, PHILIPS, CAMPARI, FIAT, FILA, COCA COLA, VW, HYUNDAI, NIVEA, MCDONALDS and AMERICAN AIRLINES to name a few.