Fredrik Callinggard


When Fredrik was accepted into film school at the age of twenty-one, he was already an experienced director, with a series of self-created horror films under his belt. After three years education, Fredrik immediately dove into the world of music videos as a DP. These low budget productions offered him opportunities to gain practical experience. He shot videos for Madonna, AHA, Depeche Mode, Jamiroquai, Peter Gabriel, among others. With experience in the music videos, it was natural to take the step to commercials. His first spot as a DP was a long cinema ad for Waterfall, a European energy company. It was an instant success and had grand slams during the award shows in Sweden in 1998, launching Fredrik into the commercial world. Then he began shooting everything from Coca Cola ads to car commercials. He garnered international acclaim in 2000 when he shared the MTV Best Cinematography nomination with John Mathiesson for the Madonna music video “American Pie.” He was also recognized as Best Cinematographer at the ‘06 New York Film Festival and his spot for Sportigan won the Bronze World Medal and later a Mobius award in the Humor category. Recently, his spot “Hugging” for T-Mobile was short listed at Cannes ’08